Ryder Lake Women's Institute

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British Columbia Women's Institute

The Ryder Lake Women's Institute (RLWI) is a member branch of the BC Women's Institute and was incorporated as a society in 1934.

Women’s Institutes are active across Canada and throughout the world, originating in Ontario in 1897. All BC members are also part of the National and International organizations.  For more information visit the BCWI website.

About us

The Ryder Lake Women's Institute is open to women that live in Chilliwack and meets at the Ryder Lake Hall at 7 pm on the first Thursday of every month.  Guests are welcome!  [Meetings are cancelled temporarily in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.]

The membership year starts in October and the fee of $50 p.a. is paid to the BCWI.  Our local branch does not receive any of these dues and therefore relies on fund raising and donations to support our programs.

Programs and Events

As well as collaborating on community events with the Farmers' Institute, the RLWI also organizes educational workshops, speakers and tours for our members, and joins with our neighbouring Atchelitz WI group for lunches. Members may attend the BCWI annual general meetings.

Recent events have included felted soap making, paint nights, speakers on container and herb gardens, canning and game cutting demonstrations and more!


The RLWI supports various community initiatives and awards a 4H trophy which is presented annually at the Chilliwack Fair.

As a co-owner of the Ryder Lake Institutes Hall, the WI appoints members to sit on the joint hall committee.